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UKRSOFT is a Ukrainian Information Technology (IT) services company providing a creative and cost effective array of IT solutions from concept to implementation to businesses in the United States, Europe and Asia.

We provide a full cycle of software development from design through implementation to testing and support, based on ISO 9001 standards.

UKRSOFT is a team of 80+ software engineers and scientists who possess enormous expertise in software design and development. We closely collaborate with research institutes, scientific and academic organizations.

We make a particular emphasis on, not only, to develop user friendly and powerful software applications, but also to incorporate new technologies into our own business processes as well. Products developed by UKRSOFT are characterized by their multi-platform capabilities.

Custom software development is the core activity of UKRSOFT. We listen to our customers and build software around their individual needs. Projects completed for our customers range from classic, client-server applications, to low level system drivers, to large-scale e-commerce enterprise solutions.

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