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Aon has built broad global resources to create innovative solutions in insurance and risk management, human capital consulting, and insurance underwriting to help clients. Our name is Gaelic for "oneness." We live by our name by bringing together top professionals who work across hundreds of disciplines in a seamless, integrated fashion designed to serve our clients in the most custom-tailored manner possible, virtually anywhere in the world. This focus and dedication has made us a world leader within our industry.

Aon recognized many years ago that our clients want products and services built around their unique needs, provided by professionals with deep expertise in their industries and local markets. We saw that globalization demanded two capabilities: gather the best thinking from around the world and then deliver solutions locally. With worldwide distribution, a vast base of intellectual capital, and leading technology, we have built a professional services company to achieve these important goals – all focused on areas increasingly in demand: insurance brokerage, risk management, and human capital consulting.

Insurance and Risk Management
Insurance and risk management is now widely viewed as a critical boardroom issue. It is the cornerstone of every company's capital structure. A poorly constructed program may leave an organization vulnerable to major long-term setbacks, or worse, insolvency and bankruptcy. When well-designed, an insurance and risk management program frees a company to pursue its vision – unhindered by concerns that it may need to hoard precious financial capital or maintain unusually high levels of liquidity.

Human Capital Consulting
Aon Consulting is among the world’s top global human capital and management consulting firms, providing a complete array of consulting, outsourcing and insurance brokerage services. Our professionals possess extensive knowledge and experience in a variety of fields and help companies of all sizes attract and retain top talent. We help employers achieve better business results by finding, developing, motivating and rewarding employees in ways that fit with broader financial and business goals to improve employee and business performance.

To effectively deliver these, and other, services, Aon has developed a global network of local resources brought together through Global Business Units and a Strategic Account Management system. This enables us to deliver services around the world, but with the local expertise necessary to doing business in specific locations. This depth can be brought to the service of multinational companies, small businesses, independent agents or brokers, associations and affinity groups, and even individual consumers. With our expertise around the world, you can rely on Aon to help insure your vision.

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